Timeless is Fashionable

naedo believes in a circular mind-set, chooses green innovation and creates beautiful designs with strong concepts that carry values

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Behind the artist's name "naedo", lies the young Berlin-based sustainable fashion designer Natacha Aedo Durán.

Her passion for culture, art, colours and clothes began at a very young age and she developed a refined fashion sense. In 2011, she graduated with honours from the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer in Brussels, having completed two fulfilling internships. At Inmouv-Carlin International in Paris and during her time at the Belgian designer Tim Van Steenbergen, her creativity flourished. She gained more valuable experience after her graduation, when she worked as a Junior Designer for Sodirep Textiles, a leading European manufacturer.

When traveling for half a year around Latin America...

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Environmental Sustainability

Designs that minimise our environmental impact from their raw material extraction to their disposal or reuse. Avoiding the use of toxic substances, seeking energy and resource efficiency are key to a sustainable industry.

Innovative Design

Creation of appealing, timeless and simple design concepts. Support for innovation in sustainable fashion must go hand in hand with the optimisation of business models for a long term vision.

Recovery & Recycling

Aim to research and implement Closed Loop technologies and Circular Business systems. For our garments to be waste free and endlessly recyclable, we need closed product cycles.

Promotion & Communication

Clear communication to promote awareness about green fashion is essential. Longer life cycles for our clothes will enhance the brand's image and influence customers' consumption.